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    2016 Installation on El Capitan


      I recently had to move from an older version of OS X server. There was issues with Timemachine so I decided to do a clean install.

      I am now running on El Capitan 10.11.6 and running OS X server 5.2 that includes Apache.


      After installing Coldfusion 2016 and accepting the default prompts I am unable to reach the admin panel. I was able to start Coldfusion from terminal but with errors.

      Is it possible that I chose the incorrect locations for the Apache files?


      Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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          nic_tunney Adobe Community Professional

          What errors do you get in the terminal when starting?  I'd think that it would start correctly, regardless of the Apache locations you selected when setting up the web server connector.  You can also try to hit localhost:8500/CFIDE/administrator, but those console errors are going to be key to figuring it out.  Since it was a fresh install, uninstalling reinstalling might also be a good idea.

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            chadv30503923 Level 1

            I uninstalled and deleted the Coldfusion2016 directory then reinstalled. The error happens when I attempt to start CF for the first time.

            I attempted to run the script ./coldfusion start and it gives me the following results.


            Running the ColdFusion 2016 connector wizard


            Configuring the web server connector (Launched on the first run of the ColdFusion server start script)

            Running /private/etc/apache2 connector wizard...


            There was an error while running the connector wizard

            Connector installation was not successful

            If the connector has already been configured, rename the script cfusion/bin/cf-connectors.sh to prevent the connector from configuring again.



            Configuring ColdFusion 2016 to start on system init.


            Creating the ColdFusion 2016 start script /Library/StartupItems/ColdFusion2016/ColdFusion2016

            mkdir: /Library/StartupItems/ColdFusion2016: File exists

            Install complete


            Start ColdFusion as "./coldfusion start" to run ColdFusion as non-root user.





            Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated!

            Thanks in advance.

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              chadv30503923 Level 1

              update... I wanted to post a quick update incase anyone else is having this issue.


              This is what I have done so far....


              I wiped out the entire install of El Capitan and replaced fresh. I installed CF 2016 prior to installing OS X server. This time the install worked the first time and I was able to access the admin panel and login.


              I then installed the OS X Server and CF is still working. Apache may be running a little strange but not sure yet. It seems to be stuck in some weird redirect loop. 


              I will install MySQL and see if I am able to make anything work.


              I will post any updates.