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    Change settings for multiple images...how?

    CromCrom Level 1

      I have a huge shoot – about 14000 images that were taken some years ago. The process version is currently a mixture of 2003 and 2012 and as not much development has been done in lightroom, I’ve taken the decision to update them all to 2012 but I can’t work out how to do it. On an individual image basis I can just change the process version but as soon as I select multiple images only one of the selected images actually gets the change applied (if I use settings > Process in the menu). As an alternative I’ve tried to copy and paste settings between images but again only one out of the bunch of selected images gets the setting updated.


      I have been trying a v small subset of the images but ultimately my aim is to go CTRL+A and ‘go’ but I need some help to apply the same setting to multiple images at once.


      I read this thread whilst trying to find a solution to this. Interesting and useful info regarding whether to batch process or not but I can't get multiple images to accept the requested change.



      Any ideas?


      Thank you in advance!