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    Lightroom 5.71 and Nikon DSLR capture problems


      Until recently I have had no problems importing files from my Nikon D750, but yesterday the process started taking a very very long time. Even with only 5 nef files on the camera, when I select D750 as source in the import window, Lighroom now takes several minutes to display previews. When they finally appear, they say Preview Unavailable on each file icon. However, at this point import does work. I am using Win 7 Pro.


      If I manually import the files to a hard drive using Windows Explorer, then ask Lightoom to add them to the catalogue, this all works fine, so the issue seems to relate to the way Lightroom is communicating with my Nikon cameras. Any suggestions as to what is happening and how to fix it? I have not changed any settings or added software since things were working fine. Thanks.


      These are the unsuccessful troubleshooting steps I have taken:


      Repaired installation of 5.7

      Clean uninstall

      Fresh install of 5.71

      Disabled Nikon Tether plug in.

      Re-enabled Nikon Tether

      Checked tether plugin for virus (none)

      Tried import from Nikon D7000. Same problems