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    Mac Photos program making me crazy, will Lightroom be better?


      I'm an amateur photographer. I am also the designated keeper of family photos so there are external drives, clouds, everything with tens of thousands of pictures flying around. But for MY stuff, I have spent months whittling down to the library I want easy access to... about 4,000 photos. iPhoto made it easy to organize into albums so I didn't have to sort through hundreds of pics looking for that one beautiful sunset. But since the switch to Photos, I've lost pictures, found them again, found copies but lost the originals, and now the latest is that Photos has mysteriously swallowed up 90% of the 30 albums I had organized. So I have 3800 random pictures to sort through if I want to find one.


      I loved Aperture for a lot of reasons, and still have it on my computer. I'm not sure if it will upload to icloud which would put it onto Photos on my iPhone and iPad, but I have Lightroom on my phone and have never even opened it. Is it good for organizing a big photo library?