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    Can't Import DNG Files


      I have a phone that shoots DNG files as its raw format, the Elephone p9000.


      When I try to import them to Lightroom, I get a "Failed to find a place for the imported file" error.

      When I try to open them in Photoshop, I get "Could not complete your request because the file-format module cannot parse the file."

      When I try converting them in Adobe DNG Converter: "there was an error parsing the file".


      Non-Adobe apps seem to have no trouble with these files though; uploading to https://raw.pics.io/ works, and Raw Photo Processor also reads them just fine.  Unfortunately, these apps convert to raster formats, and I haven't found a way to covert these DNG files that Adobe software can't open to DNG files that Adobe software can open. I'd like to keep the photos in my Lightroom archive in a raw format.


      I'm on OSX 10.11 with up-to-date versions of Creative Cloud.


      I've uploaded a test shot here: rubidot.com/IMG_20160929_201518_RAW.dng


      Is there a way I can get these working with Lightroom? Or can anyone at least tell my why Adobe software can't read these DNG files, when other software can?