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    Help with Exporting to PDF with Background Color--Page Numbers Disappeared




      My first time using InDesign, I am writing and preparing a full color book and publishing through CreateSpace. I have one hundred pages with fifty different background colors (one color per each two pages). I put the background colors in through Swatches and making unique colors through the [Paper] selection. When I exported the document to PDF to see how it was looking, I noticed that none of the background colors came through. After researching a bit, I found that extending a rectangle across the whole page and filling it with a color works, and indeed, when I reset the page color to white and colored the rectangle and sent it to the very back, then the exported PDF has color. However, I just noticed that the page numbers are no longer showing up. Does anyone have helpful instructions for me? Thank you!





      **UPDATE: I did the rectangle trick on the Master pages with the rectangle sent to the back, and now I do see page numbers. I'm now wondering if that will do the trick for printing in color? Thanks!


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          Scott Falkner Level 5

          The paper colour does not print or show in PDF, it is there to produce a white or paper coloured fill or stroke. You can redefine it for display purposes. If you want too print a colour you need to make a swatch for it. I hope I have understood your problem correctly.

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            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

            In InDesign, [Paper] means the absence of ink so the color of the paper stock shows through. You can edit the color of the [Paper] swatch to aid in visualizing how your layout would look when printed on colored paper, but it adds no color to the output.


            Object visibility is controlled by the stacking order. On any individual layer objects on the master page are behind all objects added on the document page. Putting the background color on the master page and sending it to the back should keep it behind any page numbers added on the master, as long as you don't override the background frame to change the color on the document page. You can assure that the numbers will stay in front by adding a layer just for the background color and put that at the bottom of the layer stack, or add a new layer above the background and move your other objects, including page numbers to the new layer.