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    Indesign to PDF issues

    Jillian Barnes Level 1


      I've been trying for about 10 days to export a document to PDF and I'm having major issues. The document is a 360 page 'digital scrapbook' that is 817mb. I created the document using a Blurb template (Blurb is the printing company I use). On completing the book I attempted to use the Blurb book creator app (which is an InDesign plugin) to export the book to PDF. InDesign would work on that for a while - a progress bar would show up on the display stating 'gathering document information', but eventually it would quit and the Blurb creator pop up would reappear as if I never pressed start. I have also attempted to export the book using the regular Blurb to PDF option in the export panel. This fails every time. I have also tried using just the plain old export to PDF (not blurb related) and that fails every time. Once I was able to get all the way  to 99% before it quit. The error message I get both with the plain export to PDF and the Blurb export to PDF is 'failed to export to PDF' with no other explanation. I have been able to export the book in chunks but it will not export as one document using any method. Here are the other things I've tried:

      - Updating InDesign

      - Deleting and reinstalling InDesign

      - Deleting the blurb plugin and trying to export

      - Converting the document to IDML (or whatever it is) and exporting

      - Installing an older version of InDesign and trying to export the document


      I have probably tried a few other things but I can't remember them all because I've been at this for a while.


      I am using InDesign CC 2015 and a MacBook pro 10.11.6 with lots of available memory. I have an app that tells me how much memory I am using and it never gets above 50% when trying to export, and the CPU doesn't go above 20%. I am now trying to export the book and add 20 pages each time but it take about 2-3 hours to export each time So that's going to take days (plus if I have one that fails, I have to keep exporting at a lower number until I find the offending page - if there is one. Preflight says there are no issues). I have been in contact with Adobe, Blurb, and Apple and none have been able to fix the problem. It has been suggested that I export to two documents and join them but the printer (Blurb) will not allow for this and I can't find another printer that will meet my needs (Pages are 12x12).


      Please help.