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    RAID Controller Performance Question: 12GB/S vs. 6GB/S

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      Hi All,


      My motherboard has LSI's 9271 8i on their QVL list but not the more current 9361 which is 12GB/S. I'm leaning towards the 9271 as my current controller, the 9280, is causing issues with my motherboard and is not on the QVL. I'm running a 6x3TB 7200 RPM RAID 0 array and considering raiding two of my 840 Pros into a RAID 0 for my OS/Programs. Would I see any benefit in speed performance in the 12GB/s model vs. 6GB/s model. I'm not clear that I understand the implications of the two speeds as my hard drives SATA connections run at 6GB/S.




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          Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

          There are no 12 GB/second SATA disk drives.  The 12 GB/second is for SAS (Serial Attached SCSI) drives.  So for your SATA III hard disk drives and SATA III SSD's there will be no performance difference.


          Do not bother RAIDing your OS/Applications SSD.  The very slight performance improvement will only be in booting up time.  After you are booted up and you application is opened up most everything important is memory resident. Besides using RAID 0 for the OS/Applications is dangerous as most tools to clear up booting problems will not work on RAID arrays.