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    Multiple file upload with Flex and ColdFusion Problem

      Hi all,

      I'm trying to resize some images after upload using the "Multiple file
      upload with Flex and ColdFusion" at


      Has anybody actually got a script that resizes images sucessfully
      after uploading images with this method?

      The reason I ask is I just cant get it to work properly, I've tried
      everything I can think of and ended up with the code below. Which
      resizes the images but does not remove the original file. The error
      that gets dumped is:

      "ColdFusion could not delete the file C:\ColdFusion8\wwwroot
      \MultiFileUpload\uploadedfiles\0040.jpg for an
      unknown reason."

      Which doesnt really help. So I try and delete the original files
      manually but windows also wont let me and says its been used by a app.
      If I upload some more files I can then delete the original files from
      the previous upload.

      To me it seems like the flash player isnt releasing the file

      Any help would be greatly appretiated.