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    How to turn off cursor moving by itself.


      Each time I add or remove a photo from a collection (or create a copy of a photo already in the collection) the following happens automatically.

      • A dialogue box appears stating, Images will be synced with Lightroom Mobile when sync is enabled - I must click OK on this.
      • The cursor automatically moves up to the identity plate and opens the context menu there, highlighting the option to sign in (see my earlier discussion, as yet unanswered where I complain that you have to sign in seperately each time you open Lightroom and can't just have it stay signed in).


      This happens each and every time. The collection isn't a synced one (no sync symbol beside it). I have placed a number of photos in it but I want to create new copies of each photo and remove the originals, so I maybe have to go through this process 40-50 times just to create a small collection.


      It is exceedingly irritating. I can't believe that Adobe would create the software without an option to turn off what is essentially, someone peering over your shoulder who occasionally grabs the mouse off you and suggests what you should do, however I cannot find the option. Any help?