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    Should adjustments be made top to bottom ?

    greg14 Level 1

      On another forum the comment was made that LR Adjustments should be made top to bottom.
      IOW's,  Crop, WB, Tone etc with sharp and noise being last or near the bottom.



      I thought I read in a tutorial that it did not matter, the reason I ask is because I have a preset that includes noise and Sharpening, admittedly they are small size adj but I always found myself making them.
      I had a Nikon D750.


      I notice that LR has a General Preset that includes sharpening.


      Any reason to change ?



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          dj_paige Level 9

          Lightroom will apply the adjustments in the order that has been programmed into the code, which you can't change. So it does not matter what order you apply the adjustments.


          However, it is usually easier to go top to bottom. But if you want to apply a preset at import that adjusts Noise, there is no problem, you get teh same result as if you apply the preset as the last editing step.

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            99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Hi Greg


            Like you, I also use an import preset and I then back off or increase my standard slider starting point settings where necessary on the “picks”


            I tend to start by tweaking highlights and shadows and work down.


            When using the Dehaze slider in LR CC it is generally recommended that WB is set first (if necessary) and I normally find it’s necessary to go back to the basic panel to tweak shadows and vibrance after using Dehaze.



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              99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              The other option is to have more than one user preset for your starting point. So after import you could filter, for example on iso and select all those with a low iso followed by all those with high iso. Then use a separate preset with noise and sharpening parameters for each selected batch.

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                trshaner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                You can apply settings in any order you like except for the Basic panel Tone controls. These controls are "image adaptive" and interact with each other. Adobe has arranged them to be used in a top-down order to minimize their interaction. This may be helpful: Re: camera calibration profiles: standard vs neutral

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                  ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

                  As DJ points out, you don't have much control over the order in which LR processes the settings during the export process, but during the editing, I have found this order seems to work the best for me:


                  * Camera Calibration -- to pick a camera profile to start with

                  * Lens Corrections

                  Transform -- optional

                  Straighten and crop -- why look at parts of the pic you don't need to see

                  White Balance -- do this first before all other color and brightness changes

                  Tone Curve -- optional

                  Basics -- play with the contrast last


                  Everything else down here.


                  * = included in the preset used during the import.


                  Since I shoot lots of the same venues repeatedly, I have develop presets for each venue covering the white balance, tone curve, basics, sharpening, and noise reduction.