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    Issue with Quiz Manager

    Pam @ Maxim
      My quiz questions are complete, but I need to go back to the Quiz Manager and change the Reporting selection from Adobe Connect Pro to SCORM. Any time you go back to change ANYTHING in the Quiz Manager, your buttom formatting gets reset and any feedback you've typed in your Correct and Incorrect text boxes gets deleted. This is frustrating because you have to go back and fix this for every quiz question. Is there a way to publish a SCORM file without going back into the Quiz Manager?
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          flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)
          First, you should be sure that you are on Presenter 7.0.2. This version will keep your custom feedback. There is the appearance tab in the Quiz Manager that dictates the text font, size and format. So if you are changing these, you should do it there.

          You should be able to set the report to SCORM from the begining and it should stay that way until you change it.