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    Missing Head


      I just discovered CA and have been trying to work through my first character. I had great success in getting the character's head to work, but as I have been working on the arms and body my head has completely disappeared. It is in my source Ai file and shows up in the puppet file, but not in my scene.


      Any ideas what I might have done? Or know of any common errors that would make this happen? Any help is appreciated!


      Running CA 4 and Ai CC

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          oksamurai Employee Moderator

          The most common issue is something else in your puppet at the same level as the head has "hide siblings" checked under triggers on the right (same as adding something like (A!) in the PS or AI layer name). Or the eyes are at the same level and blinking causes disappearing. Also make sure the eyeball toggle is on next to all relevant layers.


          If you're still having issues, could you post a screenshot of your layer structure?

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            macgirlpg Level 1

            Thank you for the quick response! I was worried it was a problem somewhere with my Ai file, but it was with my Ch file. I wound creating a new Ch file and that solved the issue.


            Thanks, again!