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    Exporting to PDF: Objects and text boxes disappear

    Kaleite_LIN Level 1

      Hi everyone!


      I encountered a problem today and haven't been able to solve it yet.


      I am working on a document with white text on a green background. It all looks fine until I try to export it as a PDF (High Quality Print). The white text and also a white object don't seem to be exported.


      I tried creating a new document with a completely new text box (black font on white background) and it exports just fine.

      I also tried copying the text box that doesn't export into the new document and it looks fine in the PDF.


      The text boxes and white object are all visible when I print the document directly from InDesign.

      I made sure "Overprint fill" was unchecked.

      I have tried changing the objects/font's color (in the original document), but nothing seems to work.


      I know some have experienced similar issues, but then it was always either objects or text boxes giving them trouble.


      I use CC on a windows computer.


      Thanks in advance!