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    Please add better rotate and presets


      I just can't get used to drawing with Adobe Sketch after using software with easy rotate. I just want to be able to grab the screen and rotate like I do in Procreate. I think it also needs to be able to store easy access brush presets so I can switch between brush sizes / styles quickly.


      I really like the brush stabilization and stroke smoothing though. It's way better than the shaky lines I get with an Apple Pencil in Procreate.

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          Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi Peemo,


          This is a request I'm seeing with some frequency lately. However, I don't have any insights about when (or if) the feature will be added to the drawing apps.


          I've been sharing every canvas rotation request with the product team though... so they know people are wanting it.


          Thanks for taking the time to post.