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    PDF Automation


      I am trying to automate multiple steps:

      Step 1: Extract Pages from a Dynamically Generated PDF

      Step 2: Open pages one at a time

      Step 3: Search for and copy first two words on the page (LAST NAME, FIRST NAME)

      Step 4: Rename file with "Date"_"LAST NAME, FIRST NAME"


      I looked into other options and saw that Adobe Bridge has a batch renaming feature.

      But it can only pull from metadata, so if I could automate the "LAST NAME, FIRST NAME" being copied into the Keywords Metadata that option would work.


      Any help on this would be appreciated

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          try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          If the pages are consistent then it can be done using Acrobat JavaScript, but it would require the development of a custom-made script that will iterate over the words in each page, looking for the relevant text and then extract the pages using the pattern you specified. It's not a simple task for a novice in Acrobat JS.