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    Watermarking in ACR from the Save Image feature

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      LR has one, exactly one, feature which is a real convenience I wish ACR had built-in as well.


      When exporting an image(s) from LR (an application I never use in the first place) you are able to have the application automatically place a watermark on the image file. It does so in the same location whether it is portrait or landscape orientation. The watermark is able to be edited and the axis adjusted for placement, then saved, and becomes part of the "export" dialog. This is a convenient, and quick way to watermark/logo images.


      Does anyone know - in the community or at Adobe - if this same feature will ever be available in the premier program which powers LR - Adobe Camera Raw? It seems ironic the driving engine of ACR does not have a convenient feature the less powerful application LR has.


      Yes, I know I can batch process and use an action set from Bridge/Photoshop/Batch script where Photoshop runs an action (I have one set up). I am simply wondering if Adobe plans on putting the same watermarking convenience into ACR which LR has.



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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Adobe never announces future plans. Anyone who knows is bound by a nondisclosure agreement.  And just to be clear, Lightroom is not "powered by" camera raw. The camera raw technology is built into Lightroom, but because of its design either features can be concluded that are not part of a simple plug-in. Lightroom and Camera Raw are both "powered by" the same basic engine. However, Lightroom does not utilize the camera raw plug-in in its editing process or export features.

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            I have been using ACR ever since Adobe introduced it. Yes, I KNOW its the same engine which drives ACR and LR - however, LR is a relative latecomer to the market (introduced to go head-to-head with Apple's 'Aperture', the worse program to ever come out of Apple). For all practical purposes - Camera Raw is the engine powering and driving LR. While I know the difference, 99% of LR users have no clue and could literally care less.


            Furthermore, did you really read my question - or just start talking about ACR plugins not being used by LR as your last sentence in your comments state? My question had nothing to do with plug-ins or extensions - it had everything to do with Adobe coding a convenience item into the ACR "Save Images" dialog to match the watermarking scripts which are coded into the LR "export" dialog box. Nothing more, nothing less.


            Again, all I wanted to know is if anyone may have heard anything via the grapevine (I am well aware of the non-disclosure agreements) if Adobe is even considering adding this feature to the "Save Image(s)" button's dialog script in ACR? If you have not heard anything, or anyone else has not heard anything - please, say so.

            It may simply be a wish list item I, and several others I know, would like to see added to the ACR save image feature. We're well aware of the fact we may be wishing upon a star.

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              JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              The reason for that: my answer was your question. If you say that you are "well aware" of nondisclosure agreements then you should know that no one has heard anything about whether Adobe plans in the future. That information is simply never available. If the motivation of your question was more of a feature request then here is the link to the forum where that feature request is more likely to be considered: Photoshop Family Customer Community


              I certainly didn't mean to insult your intelligence or your knowledge of Adobe products. It's difficult to know what level a user is at just based on a question posted on this forum.