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    Javascript in fillable forms



      I have created a fillable form containing javascript which was written for me.  Its a calculation of 2 other columns. 


      When i open the form in windows, it works fine.  When i open in Acrobat Reader on an IPad, some of the calculations don't work.  The Adobe help section says:

      "The form may not function properly when viewed in Acrobat Reader unless additional usage rights are added to the PDF".


      My questions - how to add these rights?


      Apologies if this is an easy one, but i cannot find any answers and the chat session was unhelpful and directed me here.

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          George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          That note in the help docs is a bit out of date and doesn't apply in general to JavaScript, particularly what would be used for the type of calculations you're using. In short, your problem is not related to usage rights.


          The more likely problem is due to the fact the most mobile PDF viewers don't have as complete support for JavaScript as the desktop versions (Windows/Mac) of Reader/Acrobat do. The mobile versions of Reader have very limited support for JavaScript, but your form will probably work just fine if you use Readdle's PDF Expert on iOS.

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            FiFi10 Level 1

            Thanks so much for your reply which is really helpful.  I have spent so long trying to fix the problem so it's good to know that it's not my error.  Shame about the inaccurate help docs however, maybe Adobe should consider updating them - or even better updating Reader!


            Thanks George for your help, really appreciate it.