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    Cataloguing analogue assets - 35mm slides and negatives

    all panoramic

      I have a need to catalogue 35mm slides and negatives, where these photographs are only scanned as required.


      What I need is a method to create 'placeholder' files in Lightroom so that I can add detail to these dummy images, in the same way as I would do for imported digital images.


      My solution is to create multiple duplicated jpeg files, and import these files into Lightroom. However, the important issue is to ensure that the filename of these 'placeholder' images matches in some way, with the reference number of the 35mm slide or negatives.


      As it happens my slides and negatives (more than 30,000 images) are already catalogued, and are available in an excel file.


      So I need to create multiple duplicate 'placeholder' jpeg, with the filenames matching the reference number in my excel files. I can then import the description of these images using the plug-in LR/Transporter.


      I have 2 questions:-


      1. How can I create multiple duplicate jpeg 'placeholder' files with the correct filenames, and without the need to create scripts and use command file instructions. In other words, I need to find the correct GUI utility or utilities. Any suggestions?
      2. Is this the only workable approach I.e create multiple 'placeholder' image files, and then import to Lightroom?


      I'm sure I'm not the only person who wishes to catalogue analogue photographs, and integrate the digital and 35mm photographs within one Lightroom catalogue, but I'm surprised I cannot find other forum posts on this subject.