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    Lightroom CC printing issue

    DugieP Level 1

      I am trying to print a square greeting card with an identity plate.  After setting it up I did a print to JPG.  All looked great!  Then I tried printing to my printer.  The image is rotated out of position (90 degrees counter clockwise) and the identity plate did not print.


      I created a custom paper size (5.25 X 10.5) for the size of the scored greeting card paper I am using.  Then set up from there as I have done with normal sized greeting cards.  I am only having this issue with a square card.  5x7 cards work just fine in both portrait and landscape.  This is a top fold square card.


      Frustration is setting in and I need these cards for a client.  Any pointers very much appreciated!test.jpg

      Screenshot 2016-10-31 12.34.07.jpg