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    Photoshop will not open from Lightroom


      After the last Lightroom update, I have not been able to open an image in Photoshop from Lightroom.  I choose Edith with Photoshop CC 2015.5.  Photoshop begins to open and I get an error message.Screen Shot 2016-10-30 at 12.02.45 PM.png 

      When I click OK, Photoshop closes.  I have reinstall both Lightroom and Photoshop twice, and continue to have the same problem.  I was able to edit in Photoshop, from Lightroom, up to the moment I upgraded.  This cramps my workflow a bit.  Anyone have a suggestion?

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          Michael J. Hoffman Adobe Community Professional

          Hi Rick,


          Can you open Photoshop successfully and edit images independently from LR?


          What happens if Photoshop is already open and you "Edit In" fromLightroom?



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            rick3403 Level 1

            First, yes I can open and edit photos independently of Lightroom.  To answer your second question, I had tried a number of things, which I will list.

            1. If I try to open a TIFF or JPG file through Lightroom, I get the error message and Photoshop closes.
            2. I can drag and drop the file from Lightroom to Photoshop and it will open.  However, it opens as the original without Lightroom edits.  If changes are made to the image and saved, that will over-ride the image in Lightroom.
            3. If in Lightroom I right-click Edith in Photoshop on a DNG file, it will open, and with the Lightroom edits.  If I make edits to the file in Photoshop and save the file, a TIFF file is saved to Lightroom.  But, guess what, yep, the this TIFF file cannot be opened in Lightroom.


            There you have it.


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              Michael J. Hoffman Adobe Community Professional

              Hi Rick, What exact version of PS CC do you have? What exact version of LR?


              Can you go into LR, and in Preferences > General > Prompts, click "Reset all warning dialogs." This may show some warnings on the LR side that may be suppressed by some time previously clicking "don't show again." In particular, there may be one that asks what to do if the version of camera raw in Lightroom doesn't match the version in Photoshop, giving you the option to "Render in Lightroom."


              I'm suspicious that your LR may be newer than your PS and so the two aren't playing well together. Please let me know what you come up with regarding the above questions.



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                I just started having the same issue recently. I am running the latest updated versions of LR and PS in Creative Cloud. At first, I couldn't use the edit option from LR to PS for just my DNG or RAW files (Panasonic FZ300) but I was able to open TIF or JPG and edit. Sometimes, PS would open the DNG or RAW files but not ask me first which option to choose (edit original or copy) and it would simply open a copy as a TIF in PS. Now, I can't get any interaction between LR and PS and get the same message as Rick got above with error message "Some of the application components are missing from the Application directory. Please reinstall the application."


                I uninstalled and reinstalled PS, rebooted my Mac, and I'm still getting that message so the only way to use PS is independent of LR at this point. I have also done the "reset all warning dialogs" in LR.


                Just uninstalled and reinstalled LR as well as PS, both with latest versions via CC app. Still getting the same message even for trying to open a jpg that is from my Panasonic GH2. Nothing will open from LR to PS.