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    Trouble cancelling Creative Cloud


      I have been having a difficult time trying to cancel my account. I was under the impression after talking to Adobe last year that I was in a 12 month plan, and could not cancel it during the time because of a cancellation charge. So I waited until after the 12 month period was up, only to find that I had to cancel it in the few weeks prior to the end of the 12 month otherwise a new 12 month contract begins and I will be charged a cancellation fee again!  As I am not even using it, I am extremely frustrated at the conditions Adobe place for the cancellation - which I was unaware of until too late, and also the lack help from customer care chat, I had asked for contact details of management or the head office to further discuss this and my request was ignored more than once.


      I  know of others who have expressed dismay at the difficulty and poor customer service Adobe now have with respect to this part of the business. It certainly has lost my faith and future business for Adobe.  Anyone else have similar issue?