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    LR doesn't pick up all of my iMac Photos...


      I'm a LR newbie so apologies if this is obvious.


      I select my hard drive (iMac el Capitan), in the Folders section and ask it to Import. Many photos are picked up but I find that a lot are left behind. For example many of those not picked up are visible on the Apple Photos app but only within 'Albums'. I look for them in 'All Photos' or in Finder but can't see them in any obvious folder such as Photos, Downloads (I AirDropped a lot in to the iMac).


      I find that I can 'export' these 'Album-visible' pics and even direct them into the Pictures folder - but if that is the case then surely they are already on my iMac hard drive and why doesn't LR pick them up? Do I have to 'export' all the 'missing' photos from Albums into 'Pictures' in order for LR to pick them up?


      I want to get ALL photos on my iMac into my LR catalogue and this is proving frustrating. Help please!