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    File Not Found (but it is there)

    troyecol Level 1

      I’m getting the file could not be used because original file could not be found. Would you like to locate it? warning. But with a twist. The previous location shown is where the file is still located.


      If I try to show Lightroom where it is and point to the image I get the warning that the image is already in the catalog and that each file can only be associated with one photo.


      The original files are not duplicated anywhere on my system. I’ve run the catalog optimization but this did not help.


      So Lightroom thinks the images can’t be found even though they are at the last recorded location and has those files already linked in the catalog. Any suggestions as to how to convince Lightroom that these images are already found and to let me use them!


      Lightroom 6.7 OSX 10.10


      Thanks for any suggestions