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    Lens profile oddity. (Sigma 12-24 II DG HSM)

    Trevor Coultart

      Something's been driving me crazy for the last few days; Lightroom is automatically detecting and applying the correct lens profile in some circumstances but not others.  It's an odd behaviour which seemed intermittent but I've now worked out the pattern. Has been working fine for months, but changed last week.


      I'm shooting with a Canon 6D and a Sigma 12-24 II DG HSM lens, shooting RAW only.


      On import, I have a preset that automatically selects "enable profile corrections". Noticed last week that many of my photographs were showing "unable to fins a matching profile automatically". I've now worked out that in most camera settings (P, Av, Tv, M etc) the profile is not read, but when I'm shooting in a custom setting I set up ages ago (which is based on Av) the setting *is* recognised. (I've tested other lenses, and the profile is fine, so it's lens specific but only on certain settings.


      That's oddity one.


      Oddity two makes it even more frustrating: For those photographs that haven't picked up the profile automatically, the correct profile is not available in the list to select manually! Lightroom clearly has the profile, as it's there for *some* photographs from this one, so why can't I find it?


      Here's the list of lenses when the profile *has* been found automatically (with the correct one selected):


      Screen Shot 2016-10-31 at 22.16.45.png


      Yet when it hasn't, and I select Sigma, the list of available profiles is very much shorter:


      Screen Shot 2016-10-31 at 22.16.19.png

      ... and only includes the older version of this lens.


      Sorry this is so long; any assistance would be hugely appreciated as this is making my daily workflow very much longer and less able to produce a satisfactory result.