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    GTX 970 EGPU - Complete money waste?

    Keith Pheasant Level 1

      Hey there everybody,


      Please, spare me. I am a self-admitted noob. I'm a professional editor and know my way around Premiere, coloring, the actual art of it, but in terms of exactly how it all happens inside the 1s and 0s...I really am just getting started.


      I have a Late 2013 Macbook Pro Retina - 2.7GHz Intel Core i7 - 16GB Memory


      I've needed an upgrade for a long time on this laptop after chugging it through renders and timelapses for the last 3 years, processing endless timelapses through LRTimelapse and Lumetri Color grades, my computer is constantly shutting down now. I don't have enough money to do a proper upgrade, so I've just recently bought a Bizon-Box with an NVIDIA GTX 970 / an Akitio Thunder box with the NVIDIA GTX 970.

      It has 4GB of graphics cards and after consulting the Bizon-Tech tech lads, they led me to the NVIDIA GTX 970. Obviously, they are salesmen.


      The GTX 970 is not supported by Adobe Products......AKA: kill me now.


      I process timelapses through LRTimelapse and Lightroom, and really just edit all the time. I'm dealing with 1080p Canon Clips, 4K Sony Clips, and big XMF clips from C300, I do color correction through Lumetri Color, down and up-scaling, and my life has gotten to the point that I can't edit for more than an hour without my computer crashing at some point, and I can't render or export anything with color on it out of premiere through CUDA Cores without a GPU Render Error; and it takes 4 hours to fully process a 350image Canon RAW sequence time-lapse. I need to do something..


      Have I just completed wasted this money and need to return it? Is there any way to get this to be usable at all?


      Thank you so much. Happy Halloween y'all!!

      Keith Hill