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    Certified or Signed PDF Encryption Issue


      I am trying to encrypt a pdf file with a password but I can't because it has already been signed or certified? I haven't signed the document and I don't see any other signatures in it so how do I get around this because I can't send the document to the recipient without a password?

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          sb116 Adobe Employee

          Hi Shonb23237098


          Please confirm if the file is signed by somebody else and to check the same you may follow the steps below:

          • Go to Certificates, open the document
          • Click on the "Signature Panel" that appears on top right corner
          • You will be able to see the list of  signatures on that document
          • If you recognize the signature you may "right click" on it
          • And then "clear signature"


          If the document is signed by somebody else you will have to check with them to clear the signature.

          Also you can check and

          • Go to "document properties" by right clicking on the document.
          • Under "security" tab, check for various options under 'security method" and see if the document is password encrypted at the time when the document was initially created.

          If that would be the case, you would not be able to override the security and so you will have to contact the creator of the document.


          Let me know if you need more help.




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