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    qrscanner - swift - build


      Hi ,

      I'am not very familiar with phone gap but I built a few apps now. I want to include the qrscanner-plugin but every time I want to build I get errors which has to do with swift?


      tmp/gimlet/828040/project/Primos/Plugins/cordova-plugin-qrscanner/QRScanner.swift:44:28: error: expected member name following '.' 

      Is this a plugin-problem or do I have to include something extra in my config.xml? I only included the plugin itself and I see during the build swift is included.


      <plugin name="cordova-plugin-qrscanner" spec="2.4.0" />


      Fetching plugin "cordova-plugin-swift-support" via npm

      Installing "cordova-plugin-swift-support" at "3.1.0" for ios


      Whatever version of the qrscanner-plugin I try, I get the same error. The same with other versions of phonegap.


      Who can give me a hint or help me?