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    Why not GNU/Linux?

    hack3rcon Level 1

      Dear Adobe.

      I want to know why you never make Adobe products for GNU/Linux. Adobe created its products for Mac OS X (New PC) but not for GNU/Linux. Why? It is because of GNU/Linux is Open Source and adobe don't like it? It is a shame.


      Thank you.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          This has been discussed a million times - the market simply is not there. Desktop Linux systems are still a fraction of the overall PC market and many of those aren't even actual workstations suitable for any demanding work since they are cheap Chromebooks or similar. Nobody is going to convert millions of lines of code and adapt it unless the cost can be recovered. That's the simple truth behind all this. That doesn't mean it couldn't happen one day, but clearly, it's not everyone's top priority.



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            hack3rcon Level 1

            Linux Desktop? How about Ubuntu, Mint and Distors like Redhat and Novell Suse that created for Desktops PC? I mean is Redhat Desktop.

            I know the problem is not convert millions lines of codes because Adobe created its products for Mac (New PC). OS X use many Linux programming languages like GCC, Python, Ruby and... And Adobe use these languages on OS X, Then...

            The problem is that Adobe afraid of Open Source and don't like Linux as Linux users like us Don't like Adobe.

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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

              Adobe uses tons of proprietary code and licensed third-party stuff. Sorting out that mess technically and legally alone would be a major undertaking. And I honestly don't know any creative person except for video/ film compositors (Nuke, Smoke, Flame etc.) or a certain kind of 3D artist (Maya, Houdini, Renderman) that would even place any value on Linux. Even those people rely on system administrators taking the hard work off their shoulders in terms of actually keeping their workstations running. Sorry, but Linux simply is not really relevant to a majority of these people, so it really becomes a matter of "What would be the point?" It's a niche market that's too niche for its own good or can you really imagine an average photographer for instance swinging to Linux just because Lightroom and Photoshop are avialable for it? I certainly can't and at the core of things, that's the problem anyone is facing who's trying to make a living of Linux software if it's not some server or web programming thing...



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                John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Cloud on Linux https://forums.adobe.com/thread/1057800 has been discussed for years, and it hasn't happened

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                  hack3rcon Level 1

                  Yes, Photographer and... Switch to GNU/Linux if Adobe create its product for it. Why not? Linux is so strong and have a very good performance and can install on all devices. You may say me that OS X has a good performance and... too but why it just %4? It is because of OS X and other Apple products are PC and you just waste your money with buying them. With Linux you are Free and have a very good performance. I guess Microsoft give money to Adobe for Stop Linux because Microsoft know that If Adobe make its products for Linux then Migration from Windows to Linux is more easy. Microsoft not have any concern about Apple because its market is so low and Apple is under Microsoft Control.

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                    Sent a reply to it.