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    Text and imagery appear pixelated after editing PDF


      I have created a document in Photoshop and exported it as a PDF. The font used in the document is installed in Acrobat, I have also added every character that I would be using into the document. I have saved it out as a PDF for a client who wishes to edit certain areas of text within Acrobat.


      When they open the document the text is garbled, sometimes they only see 'dots' or random blotches over the page. Other people who have opened the file have done so with no trouble at all apart from when they edit the document in Acrobat, it then appears pixelated and very poor quality.


      What is going wrong here? Everyone involved have the fonts loaded onto their machines and everyone has the same version (latest version) of Acrobat. Is there something I am doing wrong in saving the PDF out in Photoshop? I can't see what I could be doing differently at the moment.


      If anyone can possibly help or offer advice I'd be very grateful!! Thanks