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    What would be the best solution? 51 pages for each language (3 languages needed)


      Hello Everybody,


      I'm building a website that has 51 pages in each language. I finished the main language of the website but when uploading it takes a whole lot of time.

      Now i need to start with the other languages but i was thinking what would be the best sollution for this according to you guys...


      -Create 102 extra pages (other languages) in same document and upload them all at once what will take a bunch of time...


      -Create 2 copies of the original muse file, translate them and upload to a sub-folder. For example /FR or /EN


      Also for SEO would this have a downside if I use 3 separate muse files or not?


      I'm also open for other suggestions if you guys have some.


      Thanks in advance!

      Greetings, Bart