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    How to select ONLY the pictures tagged with a Master Keyword ?


      Hello there,


      I read this forum and the appropriate Adobe section (How to use keywords in Lightroom ) but no one seems to have my issue/solution


      I want to ONLY select the pictures which are tagged with a keyword WITHOUT getting the pictures tagged with sub hierarchy keywords to appear.

      Let me explain :


      In pink, I have the Keyword Prépa and 720 pictures in my library are tagged with that keywords.

      I can't manage to get only those 720 pictures :

      If I click on the little arrow at the right of 720, I get nearly 2000 pictures : the 720 (of course) but also all the pictures in the sub hierarchy, including the one which are NOT tagged with the keyword "Prépa". Same thing when I directly do a text searsh on keyword "Prépa"

      The thing is : even if I modified the keywords "Aline", "Catie", "Didier", or "Djéni" to uncheck 'Export Parent Keywords', I still get the same nearly 2000 pictures ;-(


      In other words, I can't seem to find a way to just get the pictures with the keyword "Prépa" on it ;-(



      Here is the ugly solution I found :

      I created a dummy Keyword called "swap"

      I select all the sub keywords of Prépa and I move them in Swap

      The keyword Prépa is now sub-keyword-less : I still have 720 pictures tagged with it

      I clicked on the little arrow near 720 and I finally get the selection I want

      I do what I have to do with my selection

      Then, I move all my keywords in Swap back in "Prépa"




      I can't believe it's the best way to deal with those keywords ô_O'


      Please, tell me what I miss. How to do it properly ?