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    cf test server


      Hi !



      I'm trying to set up a site in Dreamweaver. I have a domain connected to my static IP number with a hosting service. It is the testing server I can't get to work. All servers I use are on my computer such as IIS, SQL Server and Coldfusion 2016. I use Windows 7 Professional. Dreamweaver is the latest edition as I subscribe to Creative Cloud. I have created two folders on the C: drive named localfolder and testserverfolder and a folder in C:\inetpub\wwwroot called wwwfolder. All the Coldfusion services are running as is the IIS web site.


      Below is how I've set it up so far.


      Site name: mysite

      Local folder: C:\localfolder\


      Remote Server basic tab

      Server name: web server

      Connection: local/network

      Server folder: C:\inetpub\wwwroot\wwwfolder

      web-url: http://lester.com/wwwfolder/


      Remote Server advanced tab


      Server model: Coldfusion

      The remote server is marked as: Remote



      Having designated only a remote server and pressing f12 the text in both the .htm and .cfm files appear in the local view but the .cfm code will not show - only Hi, #name#. Opening IE and printing the url : http://lester.com/wwwfolder/cfmtest.cfm the cfm code is dissolved showing Hi, Johnny.


      I have tried to designate a test server, both alone and with a remote server, in all possible ways but it only works (if it works...) if assigning it the same connection data as the remote server. Then it shows Hi, Johnny when pressing f12 and when printing the url in the browser by hand. But this doesn't seem right to me as the test and production server then  both would display the changes I make. This as the purpose of a test server is to work independently of a production server.


      So my question is: What should I write in the fields below using my folder names above?


      Testing Server basic tab

      Server name: testing server

      Connection: local/network

      Server folder: ?

      Web url: ?

      Testing Server advanced tab


      Server model: Coldfusion

      The testing server is marked as: test


      Thanks for any help!