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    After Effects for Dummies Tutorial


      After Effects for Dummies Tutorial - YouTube

      Step by step of how to create After Effects montage:



      1) Import file- you can select multiple files at once by highlighting them, no need to do the multiple files one by one its just redundant.


      2) Drag the first clip you want into the new composition button.


      3) Set the timeline you want, click on the rest of the clips you want into the layers area.


      4) highlight the layers you’re working on right click it, then click "Assistance frame", then click Sequence layers.

      I like my layers to overlap for a few millisecond make the video look much smoother at the end.


      5) Click on the any blank area in the layers area (I'm just click on the little blank area next to source file tab) and select only the layer you want to edit, double click it.

      That will take you into the preview of that specific layer you want to edit. Slid to the area you want to crop/cut and hit - Ctrl+Shift+D, than delete the duplicate layer with the part you wish to cut out and repeat step 4 once you’re done cropping all the unwanted parts


      6) The link below the time line in is the render area, so make sure you don’t have any unnecessary areas by sliding up or down the bar or by clicking “B” for Beginning and “N” for End.

      Once you created your render area lets go over some render settings.


      7) Setting the render speed and Quality


      a) While holding shift click on edit tab scroll down to preferences and scroll up to general (repeat this step twice)

      The preferences window will open up with a new tab called “Secret”   open up the secret tab and check the two boxes & Change the purge to every 2 seconds.


      b) Disable Ram render (what it does is disabling the preview in your composition area thus saving your delicious ram), Hit CAPSLOCK once just to activate caps lock, once CAPSLOCK  is activated hit the composition tab at the top and add your clips to render queue.


      c) Render Quality –

      Click on best settings make sure quality is set to best and that your FPS is set to 60 fps

      Click on lossless change the format to QuickTime (if you don’t have quick time here is a link Quicktime, Quality to 100 if its not there by default, video codec to H.264 (if you don’t see H.264 means you have to install QuickTime first and retry this step)

      Audio output on “On” or “Auto” 48 khz is fine.

      Set you output destination (I’d recommend not on the desktop if your Operating system is installed on SSD)


      Step 8&9 Click render followed by the subscribe button to my channel j/k

      Also dont forget to comment if you have questions or follow up requests.



      EDIT: Link to the video I was edditing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S_W3VjSbdvI