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    InDesign CC : Creating multiple object text and pictures doesn't work


      Hello everyone,


      I'm desesparately trying to create a multiple object including 4 frames of text and one of picture. I want the picture to be behind the frames of text. The aim is to make an interactive presentation : on flying over a button, I want the picture to appear then one by one the frames of text.


      I googled my problem and I only find things about "anchoring" (I'm not sure of the translation ^^) but I don't think it is what I'm looking for.

      Please find below a screen capture of my project, it may be clearer (sorry, my software is in french) : the frames I want to make as a multiple object are selected in

      layer box, but the button to create the multiple object is off...



      Capture d’écran (14).png


      Thank you very much for helping me !