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    Adobe Flash Player (ActiveX) prompting for reinstall

    clintonr68138587 Level 1

      I am deploying Adobe Flash Player (ActiveX version) to multiple machines in our environment.  The machines are Windows 7 64 bit with IE 11 at the latest patch level.   I am using Microsoft Configuration Manager (Current Branch 1606) to deploy Flash.


      Configuration Manager deploys the software and reports that it is installed correctly.  When I log into a machine and look at Programs and Features it shows it is installed and at the correct version.  However, when users who are not local admins go to a website that needs Flash they are prompted to install Flash Player.  If a local admin enters their credentials and installs the software, it works fine afterwards.  It looks like a fresh install during the install process. When it is deployed to a machine that a local admin uses they do not see any issues and are not prompted to reinstall Flash.  This has been happening for several versions of Flash.