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    LR sync is not working both ways no more

    xaci_68 Level 2

      Hi all.

      I have no idea what's happened, but now my LR mobile is not working both ways no more.

      I mean, if I made any changes in LR desktop, it goes, correctly to the iPads and iPhone.


      If I made some changes on any of the mobile devices, it apply to all the LR mobiles but not on the LR Desktop.


      I tried a lot of things including signing off a on again, but still not working (please note, always worked nicely and I didn't changed anything in the system).


      One more thing is this error in the preferences tab of the software (never saw something like that): can it be the reason (even though, as I wrote above it works in the desktop-to-mobile direction)?

      Looks like I cannot get rid of it...stil remains