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    Add a vector graphic to a PDF


      I am using Acrobat Pro IX. I want to add a vector graphic to my PDF. I have the graphic in both EPS and WMF formats. When I click Add Image from the Content Editing menu, I don't see EPS or WMF listed as compatible formats. Can I only add bitmaps using Acrobat Pro? Does Acrobat DC support vector files?

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          Karl Heinz Kremer Adobe Community Professional

          The roman numeral "IX" means 9, do you have Adobe Acrobat 9 (which did not use roman numerals), or do you have Adobe Acrobat XI?


          A vector graphic is not an image, so it's not surprising that you cannot select your vector graphic. Here is what I would do: You can convert your EPS file to PDF, and once you have a PDF file,  you can use the touchup object tool (in Acrobat 9) or the Edit Text & Images tool (in Acrobat XI) to select your graphic, and copy and paste into your target file. Make sure that the same editing tool (depending on your version of Acrobat) is selected for both your source and target document.