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    Why are stock videos $100 each?

    JWaguespack Level 1

      I understand people gots-ta-make their money, but I have a 750 image a month plan.  Couldn't a video just be worth 2 or 5 image downloads and be done with it?  Why do I have to pay almost $100 for a 10-20 second clip? It would be cheaper for me to recreate the video myself which would defeat the purpose of having video as on option in the first place.


      On another note.. it looks like I should start selling stock video on Adobe Stock.

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          KanikaS Adobe Employee

          Hi JWaguespack,



          Please post a feature request under:Feature Request/Bug Report Form


          Hope this helps.

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            jeffreym10412212 Level 1

            Just a quick synopsis.  Once you learn to shoot "quality video" (if you don't already know how) and learn to edit it, which could take an entire day alone, you'll have a better understanding why, from a standpoint of time consumption, it's cheaper to pay the $100.  Plus I forgot to mention all the money you will spend in gear.   I'm switching from commercial photography to video, and I'm learning that lesson the hard way right now.  The first week, even having a pro camera and a lot of the gear, I've already spent $1000 just to by a cheap slider, a very inexpensive microphone, and an inexpensive recorder to capture the audio.  Believe me when I tell you that on this end, $100 doesn't seem like much money, considering all the time and effort that goes into a 20 sec. video.  Well wishes!!


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              JWaguespack Level 1

              Hey Jeffrey,

              I completely understand. I currently have a D750 with lots of glass, a Black Magic Cinema with a couple MFTs, and my iPhone 7 (for quick handheld things).  Theoretically I could shoot the material with no problem (been doing that for a long time) - I just don't travel enough.  I'd like to think I'm fairly skilled with Premier but not to a level I'd like to be.  I just thought it would be easier to grab a few clips from stock and throw together some things but not at $100 per clip. If I wanted to make a 30 second clip with only a 5 second use of each clip that would be 7 clips which is pushing the 1k mark in price (that just doesn't seem affordable for the average user).  BUT, with that said.. my idea of how the stock videos are used is probably fairly different from the way most other use it (I'd assume).


              Thanks for the well wishes. I wish you the same and when it comes to your gear, research like crazy and go with quality.

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                jeffreym10412212 Level 1

                Hi J,

                I misunderstood what you were doing.  I thought I was speaking with someone looking to buy an"already finished" video, not individual clips to assemble into one.  My bad!!  I can see how that would get out of hand in a hurry.  I too am a Nikon shooter.  I use a D810, but no Red.  It's on my never ending list of gear I "want" but don't yet need!! LOL 


                I'm actually just getting started with the video thing, but I've yet to look at the clips on Adobe Stock, to see what I should be shooting that would be sellable. 


                Have an awesome day!!