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    100% usage of SSD disk with PPro 2015.3

    lbvproduction Level 1

      Hi guys,


      I am facing pretty annoying issue lately. Often my editing is freezed for couple of seconds when I zoom out and zoom in sequence. PPro will freeze and looks like it is loading media again, when I check Win Task Manager I can see 100% of ssd usage. This was not happening before with older versions of 2015. Also 2015.4 is not solution since there is a memory leak (I know there is a workaround on forum, but I dont like workarounds:)).


      My PC is:

      win10 64bit

      i7-6700K @ 4.00

      32GB @ 2400 ddr4

      gtx970 4gb dd5

      ssd1 samsung evo 240gb (os+ppro)

      ssd2 sandisk ultra ii 960gb (media+cache+etc)


      When I am editing on external HDD I dont have those lags at all (of course it is slower then ssd but it is not freezing like on ssd). I always have at least 15% of empty storage on both ssds. I know I should have more harddrives but this is not reason why this is happeing only with 2015.3 version and not with older versions.


      Since I am going to buy one more harddrive soon anyway, my question is, which should I buy to avoid this issue?