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    Repo based Android app not updated through Phonegap API, however, "Update code" button works.

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      Issuing a PUT request to "api/v1/apps/:id" with a payload of "{"pull":"true"}" says it was successful, however, when I check the APK it is using the previous build.  It is NOT pulling the latest from github.  I can load and run the APK, it is just not the latest code.


      When I login to the Adobe PhoneGap Build site and click the "Update code" button it DOES pull the latest from github and builds the app.  The APK also loads and runs fine.



      • Do I need to bump a version flag somewhere in order for the API to pull latest?  If so, what file(s) and what flags do I need to update?
      • Is there an API call or payload that I can send that will trigger a pull from github?
      • Is the update api call supposed to pull the latest from github?



      • I am using Phonegap version 6.3.4
      • I followed the steps outlined on the PhoneGap Build Docs
      • I am using the "cli project format"
      • Currently only targeting Android
      • I am pulling from master branch on github, not from a tag
      • I have "version="0.0.1"" and "android-versionCode="10"" as attributes in the the widget element of my config.xml


      Thank you for any help you can provide.


      I also posted this question on Stackoverflow feel free to answer it in either location.