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    Context Sensitive Help and bookmarks / anchors in Robohelp 7

    Mike KJ
      How can I use the F1 Help and bookmarks / anchors in Robohelp 7?

      1: Topic with referrer in the HEAD section.

      <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; URL=examle.htm#anchor">

      Works flawlessly in the preview but not in the compiled CHM File.

      2: Javascript:

      see attached code

      Works nicely. But what about platfoms with javascript disabled? However, it's not elegant to use a couple of referrer topics.

      3: Change the ALI File

      The ALI Files is where Robohelp saves IDs-Topics references.

      Just change the URL from NAME OF ID=\example.htm to NAME OF ID=\example.htm#anchor and add <a name="anchor"></a> to your code in the topic file.

      Nice, clean and easy - if you know where to find the information you need.

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          Level 2

          I think you are making this more complicated than need be. F1 help should be connected by the software developer such that F1 produces a map number. You can read this number by firing F1 when RoboHelp's BugHunter is enabled. BugHunter will report that map number.

          To connect to help, you have two files - the .hh (help header, but can also be just .h) and the .ali file. The format should be

          in hh file: #define MAPID 123456
          where MAPID is anything, usually a descriptive map name, and 123456 is the map number you get from F1.
          in .ali file: MAPID="topicname.htm#bookmark"

          I usually create the .hh and .ali files outside of RoboHelp but you can do this in RoboHelp.
          If BugHunter does not give you a map number, you need to talk to the developers.