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    Radeon Pro 455 with 2GB vs. Radeon Pro 460 with 4GB

    muxel Level 1

      The forthcoming Macbook Pros have an option for two professional graphic cards. My question is: Does it make sense to choose the Pro 460 with 4GB? Does Lightroom make use of graphic card internal memory? Does it benefit from more computational power of the better model?


      And what about Photoshop?


      Thanks for answers!

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          dj_paige Level 9

          Lightroom 6 and Lightroom CC 2015 both can use the extra computational power (not specifically the memory) of the graphics card, but this is only beneficial if your monitor is 4K or 5K. Earlier versions of Lightroom do not use the computational power of the graphics card.


          So, if one card is faster than the other, that would allow calculations to be performed faster in Lightroom. This would impact ONLY the develop module, and some actions in the develop module are actually slowed down by using a graphics card, please read GPU notes for Lightroom CC (2015) . The other modules in Lightroom do not benefit from the graphics card.