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    File Size Problem - Export Mov-Videos (iPhone 7) -> MP4




      When exporting files from my iPhone 7 with Lightroom, I want to convert the videos from .mov to .mp4.

      This works fine, but leaves my with no setting to approximately keep the file size ore reduce it a littlebit.


      For example:

      14:05 minutes of video in 1080p

      Mov-File from iPhone 7 -> 1.51 GB


      Lightroom MP4 (High) -> 2.18 GB

      Lightroom MP4 (Medium 720p) -> 820 MB


      The medium setting is ok, but it's only 720p.

      If I want to keep 1080p I have a increase in file size from 1.51 GB to 2.18GB.


      I there any way to fine tune this?