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    exporting and importing catlogs for book module


      Hi all


      Can I ask all of you -- who've been so amazingly helpful in the past -- two quick questions about using the book module?


      Background:  My master catalog is on an external drive, so when editing images  I tend to export the folder the pics are in as a catalog (including negatives) onto my mac's internal drive (I call these "remote cats"), edit the pics without an external drive attached, then re-import the remote cat to the master.  That way, I can edit on our macs without external drive attached.  This is working nicely.  Questions ...


      1.  Re-importing books. Will this work in order to do a book using the book moduke?  There are two differences that leap to mind, hence my question.  First, I won't be editing the pics (for the most part; see below), but simply assembling them into a book.  Second, and probably more important, I think (I've not yet used it) that the book module works by putting all the pics used in the book, or (?) all the pics for *potential* use in the book, into a collection (contrast folder); and I want to be sure that that collection will get imported back into the master cat when I re-import the remote cat back to the master cat.


      Just to clarify, the key point is:  I want *whatever is needed to produce further versions of the book at a later date or indeed amended versions of the book at a later date* re-imported back to the master cat along with the pics themselves.  (A think a PDF can be produced, but that won't cut it, since that won't be editable in the way that the book itself will be, I take it.)


      2.  Book-specific versions.  All the pics destined for the book are already edited, but there may be a handful of pics that I want to crop or edit in some minor way before inclusion in the book, but I don't want the edits-for-the-book to over-write my original edits back on the master cat.


      Any suggestions as to how to ensure that?  I guess I could, in the remote cat, produce copies of any pics I re-edit for the book, and keep those in a subfolder that would be re-imported back to the master with the rest of that folder/cat.


      Hope that makes some sense?!


      Many thanks in advance