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    Abobe illustrator to Postscript (save)


      Hi Every one,


      Can Anyone help me to done this


      Actually Iwant to save a illustrator file to postscript file. i have tried with below script but i cant get Output



      set filepath to "DistillerIHT:In:" as Unicode text

      tell application "Finder"

         --set cName to theC as string
      end tell

      tell application "Illustrator CS"


         --set thisDoc to current document
         set user interaction level to never interact

         set thisDoc to name of current document as text

         set FullPath to filepath & thisDoc & ".ps"

         --display dialog newFPath -- this was just to check the path
         set ppdFileName to "Adobe PDF" as Unicode text

         set postOpts to {class:postscript options, PostScript:level 2}


         set jobOpts to {class:job options, print area:artboard bounds, print as bitmap:true, file path:FullPath}


         set printOpts to {class:print options, job settings:jobOpts, postscript settings:postOpts, printer name:"Adobe Postscript® File", PPD name:ppdFileName}


         print current document options printOpts without dialogs

      end tell


      My Error


      Screen Shot 2016-11-02 at 4.46.32 PM.png