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    Styles for images

    L Jankowski
      I've defined the borders and margins for images in my stylesheet, but when I import an image into a topic, RH automatically adds style="border: none; " etc to the img tag so the stylesheet values get ignored. Is there some way to prevent RH from doing this? I don't want to have to manually apply the same formatting to all my images.


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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Hi Lori.

          There is no way to automatically add image borders/margins other than setting them each time in the dialog when you add one. However there are a couple of options.

          Firstly you could use a tool such as Macro Express to create a keyboard shortcut to assign the required style on the image. Another option is to not use a style at all but to use a find and replace tool towards the end of your project to replace the required style tag. A bit more risky but perfectly doable.
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            L Jankowski Level 1
            Hi Colum,

            Thanks for the suggestions. I'll look into the best way to work around this problem.