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    Audio bleed

    scotte57842618 Level 1

      I have sorted it out so I can live Skype or screen share my character using OBS but a problem I am having (this isnt to do with OBS) is audio bleed


      If there is an audio on the computer, other than my microphone, so example the person I am speaking to on Skype, or just for example, a video playing on Youtube, my character not only lip syncs to my audio from my mic, but it is picking up audio from elsewhere on my computer.


      Is there anyway to control the incoming audio so it is limited to just my microphone?

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          oksamurai Employee Moderator

          We recommend using headphones for any display audio. Some users have even used gaming headphones with the chat mics to do everything in CH. Otherwise, your only option is to make the volume low enough that you can hear it but it doesn't pick up well in the mic.


          Also, if you had to deal with any external noise for whatever reasons, one thing I did recently when I was demoing CH at a super crowded and loud event was have a key trigger on the neutral mouth. It was extra work to remember, but when I wasn't talking I tried to hold that down to force the character to stay quiet.

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            scotte57842618 Level 1

            Good idea on the neutral mouth. I have been toggling the mic on and off, but a neutral button might work better

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              El Wombat Level 2

              Yes, great idea that I will use in an upcoming pitch! Thank you!


              A function that I found immensely useful (once I had found it) was the option


              Toggle Hold KEY trigger (in the puppet panel)


              In german it's "Auslöser" - "Riegel", dunno in English, sorry, but you find it in the properties of any layer that has a key trigger assigned to it…


              Like this, you won't have to press / hold the "neutral mouth" key all the time. (It's also great for changing hairstyles or whatever thing you want to change permanently. (And I had a hard time finding this out, so I thought I'll mention it here…)