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    Lr; moving files to external hard drive and not lose edits

    makeright Level 1


      In order to free space on my IMac, I moved my catalog from iMacs internal drive to an external hard drive and thought I knew what I was doing....

      Instead of moving the files within Lr, I copied the folders from its internal hard drive location and paste on external hard drive.

      I quickly realized that was a big mistake. I had all the files on the external but ...ORIGINAL Files, NO edited images.

      So overnight, I copied/pasted everything back and imported all images back into Lr.


      Now I want to do it the right way and need your approval before I proceed:

      1.On my external drive I set up a new folder for my Lr images

      2.Within Lr, I would drag the parent folder to the new folder on my external drive. This MOVES the files original files including the edits, correct?

      3.Do I have to create a new catalog in Lr for my external?

      4.After successful transfer I can delete my files from IMacs internal drive


      Please help me out as precise as possible.

      Just to be clear: I want to work on my images from the external drive only.

      Thanks for your help