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    What are the query parameters for the REST getAgreements API call?

    ralphcook Level 1

      In the version 5 REST API documentation (REST API — Document e-signature Software — Adobe Sign ), there is the call to getAgreements; if sent using the "Try it out" with my access token, I get back a list of the documents sent under the id associated with the access token.


      There is a parameter documented for the call named "query"; the explanation reads: "The query string used for the search. Multiple search terms can be provided, separated by spaces. Some of the search terms include document name, participant name or company, and form data".


      Where can I find the documentation on the string used in this parameter? I've tried some naive things with "Try it out" - status:EXPIRED and the like - and have gotten an empty list back, though without the parameter some of the documents do have a status of expired. I'd like to know what the possible query strings are.